Greg Jackson expects no backlash over assuming Fight Master role

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Damon Martin, writing for Bleacher Report, says Greg Jackson does not anticipate any repercussions over his participation as a coach in the Spike TV reality series Fight Master:, which will be competing with the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter.

Jackson will join Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock and Joe Warren as coaches. Filming is expected to being in a few weeks, ahead of a Summer debut.

“I don’t think so,” said Jackson during a media conference call on Tuesday. “Because like Randy I’ve worked with Bellator before, and I don’t think it should be a problem. My fighters are my fighters, and I’m me and like Frank said as well, I think it’s good for the sport,.”

“Even Dana would admit that it’s good for the sport to have other organizations around.  So I don’t foresee any problems.”

This year, with Jon Jones coaching The Ultimate Fighter in Las Vegas, Jackson opted not to be a part of his staff, due to the sheer amount of competitors getting ready for fights who needed his undivided attention.

Jackson explains that he will still be able to travel to shows on weekends and help corner his fighters, and even when the show is filming, his time commitment isn’t so serious that he will be away for long stretches.

“IIt’s very doable,” said Jackson. “The great thing is you know you have great assistant coaches and that’s always been one of my strengths as a team are the coaches around me, they’re much better than I am, but just having that support system allows me the freedom to kind of move around a little bit. So I’m very, very blessed and lucky for that.”

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