Griffin: Risk of shortening my life with TRT was worth it

Monday, June 23, 2014

UFC Hall of Famer Forrect Griffin recently did an interview with Jack Encarnacao for the Boston Herald, for a wide-ranging and extremely compelling interview.

Jack Encarnacao: Any advice to fighters on how to extend their shelf life?

Forrest Griffin: Spar less. Because you lose your chin sooner or later, and there’s no point in losing your chin in the gym for free. Just about everybody gets your trigger pulled, and once you get knocked out a couple times, you’re not quite the same.

JE: What do you think of fighters getting therapeutic exemptions to use testosterone, which the Nevada State Athletic Commission recently banned?

FG: I did it, I think it’s great. When it started, I had two problems with steroids. One, they’re illegal and I’m doing illegal drugs. And, two, you’re telling kids, fans, young people that watch the sport you have to do drugs to do this. Well, that’s not true. The best guys don’t do drugs. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, GSP, these guys don’t use drugs, they’re naturally athletic. The best guys in any sport don’t use drugs. It’s the guys on the second tier trying to get to the first tier that use drugs.

I mean, I knew what I was doing. I knew that what I was doing is bad for my body in the long run, potentially, and I was doing what the doctor gave me, so it wasn’t crazy. But I mean, you now, there’s a chance (you can) enlarge your heart, enlarge your prostate, lose your prostate, not be able to (perform sexually) after 50. So I took that into advisement in doing that. But to me, being a better fighter was worth it. It was worth even shortening your lifespan to be good at something.

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