Gross: Five thoughts on Jones-Sonnen

Friday, October 19, 2012

I don’t like the fight

Hey, judging by fans on Twitter, I’m not the only one. True enough, some people view the matchup as great. I understand why. Sonnen is a showman. The TUF entertainment factor will be turned up to 10. For Jones, rehabbing during the taping of the reality show and desiring to close the chapter by putting Sonnen in his place is compelling stuff.

Plenty to look forward to, fine.

Here’s why none of it matters: There are better tests out there for Jones, all of whom are unquestionably more deserving than Sonnen at 205 pounds.

Risk of a blowout

More likely, Sonnen won’t get any offense off. His takedowns will be denied, probably a hair more graceful than Michael Bisping did. He crumbles on the end of Jones’ reach.

And, that’s that. The TV show. The talk. The hype. And that’s that.

This event will propel the TRT discussion

Things of intrigue

Head games.

Sonnen is thought to be masterful at this, and it looks as though Jones will play on the same battlefield. Their conference call earlier in the week offered plenty of examples.

“The Ultimate Fighter” is worth discussing only when it churns out contender-level prospects. Otherwise, in my eyes at least, it’s not much different than Golf Channel’s “The Big Break.”

One thing can save the show, make it meaningful and prompt viewers to tune in: fighters who seem to have the potential to become contenders someday.

Absent that, the show is just a show. And with all this MMA on the air, it’s not as if people are clamoring to watch low- to mid-tier fighting on a regular basis, even if it’s encased in the Octagon.

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