Gruesome injury at TUFF-N-UFF

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mixed Martial Arts is a tough sport where both fighters are trying their best to hurt their opponent enough where the ref stops the bout or submit the other. Sometimes though, the worst injuries can happen when unexpected, such as during a takedown:

At Friday’s night’s Tuff-N-Uff MMA event in Las Vegas, Mike Florio suffered a sickening leg injury when opponent Jim Elmer took him to the mat in the second round. Florio collapsed on his own leg during the sequence, and it resulted in a gruesome open dislocation, with a bone protruding from the skin just above his left ankle.

Tracy Lee of captured the images and provided them to MMAjunkie.

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Warning: This image is pretty graphic, so we’ve provided a small thumbnail. If you are squeamish, we wouldn’t recommend looking at the image, but if you’er brave or just curious, click the thumbnail below to see the image.

Mike Florio