Gugerty: ‘I never will get submitted ‘

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Warning – Don’t Talk to Shannon Gugerty when He’s Working

“Come on Shannon.”

The first time Shannon Gugerty heard Spencer Fisher talking to him, he almost couldn’t believe it. There was no bad blood between the two lightweights before their UFC 90 bout in Illinois last October, so there wouldn’t have been any reason for the two not to talk, but it was 30 seconds into their fight that Fisher decided to start up a conversation after Gugerty took him to the mat.

“Aw, that’s how we’re gonna fight? You want to fight me on the ground?”

Gugerty was amazed. This had never happened to him in his previous 13 pro fights.

“Come on Shannon, let’s stand up and bang.”

Eventually, Fisher would distract Gugerty enough to get back to his feet and then go on to drop, cut, and submit his foe in the third round. It was a master class of veteran guile from Fisher, and Gugerty soaked up every lesson he could from it to help him get ready for his upcoming bout with Matt Grice in the opener of UFC 100 on July 11th.

“He (Fisher) was the first fighter that ever talked to me during the fight and I was really taken back by that,” said Gugerty. “He was trying to get in my head, but he was pretty much already in there.”


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