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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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In his lastest Underground Blog, he breaks down Pouya Rebek’s MMA Comic Genius.

In last week’s blog, a guide to the Gracie Breakdowns, I mentioned “Pouya Rebek’s Rener voice.”  This week’s blog is all about the comic genius behind that voice, Pouya Rebek.  I was first introduced to the MMA impersonator on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour.”  Rebek’s first guest appearance, , was back in August, 2012, and I clearly remember nearly falling off my roof laughing while working on my house and listening to a download of the episode last summer.  Rebek gave us some of his best with his impersonations of Wanderlei Silva, Matt Serra, BJ Penn, and several others.    Then last month, in December, Rebek made his triumphant return to the MMA hour with his second guest appearance, , and this time he was in studio with Helwani.  We were treated to Rebek’s impersonations of GSP, Nick Diaz, Vitor Belfort, and many more.  As good as the audio is by itself, the videos of each of Rebek’s visits (with over 50,000 views each on YouTube) demonstrate that he’s got a bright future as a performer.

Though The MMA Hour helped Rebek break through to the masses, his comedy is a genuine YouTube sensation that started back in April, 2012.  That’s when Rebek posted his first MMA-themed video to YouTube.   The video, , was titled “Dos Santos Willing To Give Overeem A Chance,” and to date has over 100,000 views.  It’s not Rebek’s best, but the seeds of comic genius are there.  Rebek’s brilliance as an impersonator is much more than mastering the iconic voices of his subjects.  He has their timing, their breathing, and all their other idiosyncracies.  But more importantly, Rebek isolates the words and energy and hyperbole that make us want to listen to these fighters speak in the first place.  Ultimately, what Rebek gives us is a collage of quotes, remixed for maximum comedic effect.  And it works.

Currently, Rebek’s YouTube channel, now known as the “Ultimate Fighting Cartoonship,” , has 24 MMA-themed videos (You can also visit  With over 13,000 subscribers and nearly 2,000,000 video views, it’s apparent that many of you have already enjoyed what Rebek has to offer.  The humor, often obtuse, sometimes scatological, is perfect for the UG, and below are some of my favorites.  Please enjoy, and please comment with your own thoughts as well.    

“Rashad Kisses Rampage on The Lips”

This rather simple and short video, posted back in June, might be my favorite.  It perfectly captures the Rampage and Rashad we saw on TUF 10, and then goes next level.  Start with this short dose and you should be hooked.

“Silva and Jones Kidnapped and Forced to Fight”

This is Rebek’s most popular and one of his most complex videos, and it has had a quarter of a million views.  Posted back in November, the animation is the work of Will Banh (, who has partnered with Rebek.  The bizarre storyline is an MMA fan’s fever dream.  Rebek’s Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Sensei Seagal are among his best and are all featured here.  

“Rener Gracie Survival Pooping Tactics”

Here’s the scatological stuff I was referencing earlier.  Rebek’s Rener is so good that I can’t watch a Gracie Breakdown without thinking of it.  Forget what I said before, this one, from just a few weeks ago, might be my favorite.  Hilarious!  Featuring more of Banh’s animation, the diagrams alone are so good.  This is one that you could show to someone who has no idea what an Omoplata is and they will still double over laughing.

“Chael Sonnen Storms Off Landsberg’s Show Again”

You’ve likely seen the YouTube videos that provided the inspiration for this video.  Those were funny enough by themselves.  But Rebek picks all the right Sonnenisms and adds some more of his own.  Banh’s animation is solid as well, and this video from November is another great one.

“Nick and Nate Diaz Smoking Weed”

The first of a trilogy of Diaz Brothers videos, this was posted back in September, and was also Banh’s first contribution to the animation.  It’s a minute and a half of 209 gold.  Rebek does the Diaz brothers incredibly well, and this could easily become MMA’s “Beavis and Butt-Head.”  No offense, Nick or Nate. 

“Nick Diaz Sends Hilarious Tweet to GSP”

Another minute and a half, from early December, and I was grateful for this early Christmas present.

“Diaz Bros Look For a New House”

Rebek’s most recent video.  Perfect.  More please.

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