Gustafson willing to fight Machida in interim

Monday, April 29, 2013

Alexander Gustafson is on a short-list off viable contenders for Jon Jones’ light heavyweight title, and ‘The Mauler’ would like nothing more than his chance. Jones also has expressed his desire to fight Gustafson next, but unfortunately Jones’ broken toe has other ideas, but that doesn’t mean Gustafson wants to sit and wait out his title shot:

“I want to fight Jones. I want to fight for the title, that’s what I want to do. But, I am not going to wait for a long time because I fought in December. I fought ‘Shogun’ in December and I want to fight soon, so. I want to fight in a couple of months, at least. I want to fight soon.

If Jones can’t fight, which I would understand because (his injury) looked very nasty and could be out awhile, then I will fight Machida, too. But, if Jones can fight in a few months, I would love to fight him.”

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