Hallman: I fought with one arm, they aren’t going to fire me

Thursday, August 11, 2011

“On Thursday I had a little bit of bursitis in my arm, and one of the doctors decided, which apparently wasn’t good medical practice, to drain some of the fluid and inject a cortisone based steroid in it to heal it up,” Dennis Hallman told FCF about the days leading up to UFC 133. “I guess that’s the worst thing to do according to the surgeons. The next day my arm was twice as big as it was the day before….By Saturday I had poor use of my arm, and the doctors wanted to cancel the fight, but of course  I said ‘it’s fine, it’s fine.’”

“I didn’t have any strength in my arm to hold (Ebersole’s) head down, and once he popped his head out  I couldn’t pummel in or anything, I found myself in a bad situation. I was pretty aware that it was a possibility going into the fight; that’s why I came out quickly and tried to do something right away…Without excruciating pain I couldn’t bend my arm and touch my shoulder.”

“There are two reasons,” for not dropping out due to the infection explained Hallman.  “One, I only get paid when I fight, so for me that’s a big chunk of money that I need when I get paid. On the flip side, two days notice isn’t a lot to give your opponent nor is it a lot to give the UFC to pull out of a fight.”

“The fact of the matter is that I chose to fight him. Injury or no injury, he won the fight so hats off to him.”

“Maybe Dana was mad because more fights weren’t finished before that point,” said Hallman of Dana White’s irate statements about his lack of attire. “Maybe he was mad because every bout until that point had gone to decision and he needed something to be mad about. I’m sure he really hated the shorts though.”

“It’s the Dana show and if Dana doesn’t want those shorts on any future shows then obviously he made his point. Prior to that they were legal and that was legal attire. I guess now it’s not legal attire..You have to turn the shorts in with your sponsors before you fight. The employees did their jobs, they were within the guidelines.”

“They’re not going to fire me over the shorts. If they fire me they’re going to do so because of losing. They can’t fire me because I wore shorts that were legal.”

“Dana’s not an unfair person. I’m sure they’ll consider that this guy just fought with one arm, instead of pulling out, and there are plenty of other fighters that would have looked at their arm and said ‘I’m not going to do it.’

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