Hansen talks drop to featherweight and Aoki

Monday, March 15, 2010

On his weight:

“I’m 66kg on an empty belly in morning now,” Hansen revealed. “I’ve changed my diet after learning how the wrestlers do it.

“I train with a guy called Jack Hermanson who has a strong background in Greco Roman and has a deep understanding of diet and nutrition. He told me his techniques and has been working with me. I usually walked around at 69-70 kg but I always lose 1kg when I go to Japan because of the difference in the food culture. My aim is to be 65.5kg on an empty stomach when in Japan. I’ve been practicing weight cutting a few times now, I can do 2.5-3kg easy and rehydrate back up without any problems and not lose any strength.” 

On fighting Shinya Aoki:

“Right now I’m focusing on the new weight division I’m gonna fight in,” Joachim said. “But, if I fight Aoki again, I will have a neutral referee. About the groin kick, I felt my heel hitting something hard, and I am sorry for that, but next time, wear a good cup. Saying that, Aoki is not an easy guy to grapple with. But if we – and we shall – meet again, it’s under ancient Brazilian vale tudo rules.”


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