Hardy shaved his mohawk, says he’s ‘changed’

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Dan Hardy is recognized by fans of MMA as the guy with the awesome red mohawak and British accent. That, according to Hardy, was part of a different time in his life and has recently shaved his mohawak off:

“That’s who I was. I’m not that person anymore. The mohawk’s gone and just the whole arrogance that came with it that I showed those first few fights in the UFC. That played its role, you know? It was an important phase in my life and I learned a lot from it. The way I acted led to the right fights and the right situation at the time arose from those fights and I got a title fight in four fights, which is early for anybody in the UFC, you know? As some point, we all have to evolve a little and I have changed. I feel much better about myself and I don’t feel like I’m putting out a bad impression on my species for acting the way that I did and the way some people do on The Ultimate Fighter and stuff.

There’s a lot of tie-ins with that for the reason I changed my haircut as well because it seems that the UFC tries to find one guy with a red or a pink mohawk for every season and that was the guy that was drinking too much and throwing stuff into the pool. I’m not that guy, but I guess my brand kind of got ahead of me and became something I didn’t want it to be and I had to step away from it.”

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