Hardy still resistant to ‘pointless’ heart surgery

Friday, May 10, 2013

UFC welterweight Dan Hardy was recently a guest on the Joe Rogan experience where he talked, amongst other things, about his recent medical troubles. Hardy was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White pattern, which is an issue where he has two heartbeats. Hardy was sidelined by the UFC until he can be medically cleared and has the option of a surgery, but as he explained to Rogan, he sees no reason to complete the surgery:

“It’s called Wolff Parkinson Heart Syndrome. But, I don’t have the syndrome because I don’t have the symptoms, I only have the pattern which means I have a second heart beat, but it’s never caused a problem.

Basically, in your heart you have the basic pacemaker you have a bunch of cells that create electrical impulses that keep the heart beating. And what WPW people have are other cells in other parts of the heart that do the same thing. And usually what they do is they go in and, it’s called an ablation. They go into the femoral artery and they can burn them out and stuff. But, people have that done when they have symptoms. When they have palpitations, the dizziness; some people have panic attacks and stuff. I’ve never had anything, nothing at all.

So, what they’re telling me at the moment, I mean, I got to go back and get some more tests done for a second opinion with a different person, but the way I understand it right now is that If I want to continue fighting, to get cleared I have to have the ablation. But because I’ve never had any symptoms and I’m perfectly fine, I don’t see the point in letting someone burning my shit. I mean, if it was causing a problem and that’s the solution then I would have it done, but it’s not.”

transcription by MMAMania.com…