Head coach Marty Morgan brings camp to Lesnar’s home

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lesnar has publicly credited his head trainer Marty Morgan with most of the improvements in his game. While most fighters go away to training camp, Morgan, a former assistant wrestling coach at the University of Minnesota, essentially brings the training camp to Lesnar. The champ has his own training facility on his Alexandria, Minnesota property.

Morgan examines Lesnar’s opponent, then decides who he will bring in that can best help Lesnar prepare for the specific set of challenges that lie ahead.

Like Lesnar, Velasquez was a collegiate All-American wrestler, but Velasquez has quickly assimilated into the striking game. In preparing for Velasquez, Morgan brought in UFC heavyweight Pat Barry and unbeaten Strikeforce heavyweight Shane del Rosario, both of whom have successfully competed in pro kickboxing before transitioning into MMA.

“We both probably understand, at least I do, that we have to evolve,” Lesnar said. “He poses threats as a wrestler, he poses threats as a boxer, and we both want to improve on everything. My main focus on this camp is to bring guys to bring me up to another level. You’ve got to force yourself into situations that you’re not going to be comfortable with and that’s how you get better.”

While some have criticized Lesnar for not widening his net and working with other coaches and partners, he scoffs at such talk, saying that he believes in his coaching staff and would not be comfortable leaving his family for extended periods of time after spending so much time on the road during his brief but wildly successful run as a professional wrestler.

“If I need somebody, they come to my house,” he said. “I don’t need to get on an airplane and be away from my family. Been there, done that.”

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