Hector Lombard: ‘I want to beat [Palhares] emphatically’

Friday, December 14, 2012

 “Everyone knows he’s going to go to the ground, I will just have to capatalize on that and keep the fight standing,” Lombard told the media gathered. “He will try and break my legs, but my jiu-jitsu can match his. I will try and keep it standing, but I’m happy to go to the ground.”

“I’m not looking beyond Palhares right now, because a win over him unlocks everything else. But if I come up short again, my career will be in a very bad place,” Lombard wrote in his column on The Roar.

“Going into this fight I am using the disappointment of the Boetsch loss to fuel my fire and inspire me to look for the stoppage from the moment the fight begins.

“I’m not looking to beat Palhares by decision or just ‘squeak’ past him. I want to beat him emphatically and for there to be no doubt at the end of the fight.”

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