Henderson: UFC promoting ‘circus acts’

Friday, November 09, 2012

In August, 42-year-old Dan Henderson suffered a knee injury and was forced out of a title shot against UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. Lyoto Machida turned down a last minute opportunity to fight Jones, and Middleweight Chael Sonnen gamely agreed to step up, but was refused by Jones, infamously leading to the cancellation of UFC 151.

Henderson hoped that with his knee recovered he would again get a title shot. Instead, he gets a shot at Machida, while Sonnen gets at a shot at it all. Henderson has kept up a stready drumbeat of criticism, but has multiple times said it is not directed at his friend Chael Sonnen, but rather it is the UFC who he blames.

“That wasn’t directed at Chael at all,” said Henderson. “It is what it is. I called it how I saw it. I could have said that the UFC is promoting circus acts. You know, the man with the longest arms against MMA’s biggest mouth? It is what it is. I don’t think that the fans wanted to see that — they don’t view it as a real fight. I’ll always have love for Chael. I’ll definitely help him train if he needs or wants my help. Advice? I trained a whole training camp for Jones. I probably have a lot of game plan in there. But, Chael and I are just different fighters, as well.”

Jones fights Sonnen at the close of TUF 17. Henderson fights Machida at UFC 156 in Feb. If Jones and Henderson both win, barring the dangers of the world, Hendo may yet get a title shot before he retires. But for now, he trains and waits and calls it like he sees it.