Hendricks: Best is yet to come

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

“When I started in MMA, I knew that I had to get people scared of me, scared of my hands,” Hendricks said. “I really needed to work on my stand-up; that way, people would start really fearing my hands. That would make the takedowns much easier.

“Now my stand-up has gotten to the point where I can choose which way I want to go — standing or taking a fight to the ground. That’s a huge confidence builder.”

“Kampmann’s at his peak,” Hendricks said. “When we trained together, he already knew everything about striking; he was already in the UFC fighting at 185. He’s added a few things, but not much. Once you hit your peak, it’s hard to add new stuff. But he is durable and he is tough.

“I want to show more of my [grappling] game, so that people know that I’m more than just a wrestler. I have a strong ground game and feel more comfortable with it. I’m improving constantly. I’m constantly learning all aspects. I haven’t hit my peak yet.”

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