Hendricks: GSP loss was a blessing

Saturday, March 15, 2014

After the final bell had rung, a lot of fans and media had thought Johny Hendricks had done enough to take Georges St-Pierre's welterweight title. However the judges disagreed and GSP earned the nod, but Hendricks believes the loss was a blessing in disguise:

For his part, Hendricks was shocked that he was able to stay composed and classy after the judges scored the fight for St. Pierre last fall despite the former wrestler appearing to have controlled almost every round with striking and wrestling.

“Man, the good Lord,” Hendricks told USA Today in regards to how he kept it together and stayed positive.

“Man, I prayed about it. I think a lot of my fans did, too. Because, realistically, I thought I was going to flip out. I really did. Whenever Joe grabbed that mic to me, man, I thought I was just going to go on a rampage. But something came over me, man. It was just like, 'boom.' Stay calm. You know? It wasn't our moment. And, look, in return, I get to fight here in Dallas…it turned out to be a blessing.”

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