Hendricks: My goal is to break someone’s jaw

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going into his world title fight with Georges St-Pierre, Johny Hendricks won’t be satisfied with just a win, he wants to make a statement versus the most dominant welterweight champion of all-time:

While St-Pierre’s jab is an incredible weapon, as well, Hendricks thinks it will pale in comparison to his power punches.

“I will bite on my mouthpiece and eat a jab to land a right or a left hand on his jaw line,” Hendricks said. “That’s the difference. Punch me in the face, I’ll punch you twice as hard.

“When I’m in there, my goal is to break someone’s jaw. Let them forget who they are that night. Let them wake up the next morning and go, ‘What the hell happened?’ That’s my goal every fight.”

Like Weidman, who shocked the world with his knockout win over Silva, Hendricks believes his attitude will prove another strength. He respects St-Pierre, a man who is certain to be a UFC Hall of Famer and may very well be the greatest welterweight of all time. But “Bigg Rigg” has no fear of the French-Canadian champ.

“Give ’em respect because they have the belt, but he’s just a person,” Hendricks said of St-Pierre. “I can beat anybody at any given time, and that’s sort of the mentality that you’ve got to have when you’re facing somebody with the belt.

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