Heyman: Why wouldn’t White want Brock back?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Arda Ocal: UFC President Dana White has actually said that if Brock Lesnar would ever want to return to the UFC, I would welcome him with open arms, I’d give him another fight. What do you make of that?

Paul Heyman: I make of it that Dana White is a business man and understands the PPV numbers that Brock can pull in and he’s saying *whistles* I want a piece of that action. And I don’t blame Dana White. Hey do you think if Brock Lesnar went to the NBA right now, I can dunk a basket ball, want to put me on a team? What teams gonna say no, we don’t want the ratings you can bring in Brock, we don’t want the numbers you can draw. You think if Brock Lesnar could hit a baseball out of a park that the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Minnesota Twins wouldn’t put him on the roster? And let him hit that ball out of that park, of course they would.

Dana White knows that Brock Lesnar can turn the Octagaon into the Brocktagon anytime he wants and his PPV numbers are going to go up, up, up up with Brock Lesnar. Why wouldn’t Dana White want Brock Lesnar back?