High stakes for Kerr, Darabedyan

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When is a fighter “too aggressive?”

Karen Darabedyan, a multi-faceted 155-pounder who likes to push the pace, didn’t weigh that consideration until his last fight. Now the teammate of fellow Armenian-American Manny Gamburyan believes that striking the right balance between pressure and prudence will be key to defeating Will Kerr (8-2) on June 20 in Edmonton.

“I’m an aggressive fighter,” Darabedyan said, “but I will use my aggressive in a smarter way, not just go all out and try to finish a fight and force things. I don’t want to be overconfident and rush the fight. I’ll be a lot smarter this time.”

It is a lesson Darabedyan learned the hard way following his mishap against Bart Palaszewski. Darabedyan, owner of triple black belts in judo, tae kwon do and karate, had been swarming Palaszewski for most of the first round before the Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt stunned him with a super-quick, fight-ending armbar. It was the southern Californian’s first loss in his past eight matchups.

“I was a lot stronger than he was, I felt unstoppable against him – and look what happened,” Darabedyan lamented. “He came in with a lot of experience hung there so I give him a lot of credit … but I felt like I should have won the fight.”

Kerr, coming off a knockout loss to Kamal Shalorus, finds himself in a similar predicament and equally Will Kerrhungry for a win. The Connecticut native, who works as a court marshall, said he has cut back on his work schedule to devote more time to training.

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