High withdraws from fight due to burst appendix on New Years Day

Thursday, January 02, 2014

How was your New Years? A little hungover maybe?

Jason High’s New Years Day was spent discovering he had a burst appendix, and would have to withdraw from a fight for the first time.

High, 2-1 in the UFC, had been scheduled to fight the debuting Beneil Darius at UFC Fight Night 35 on January 15.

High detailed the expisode, via Twitter.

Marcelino Evil @KCBanditMMA

•You have GOT to be f—ing kidding me…

•F— appendicitis & anybody that love him. @MikeKogan Sorry @UFC & Beniel. Obviously wont be able 2 fight. *sad face*

 •Well…this year started of with a bang.

•Ruptured appendix… On New Year’s Day. See y’all bitches after surgery. F word.

•So no surgery just yet. They said its prob been burst a few days but I’m a knucklehead. They’re gonna insert a tube to drain puss & wait for inflammation to subside before they do surgery. Having that procedure tomorrow AM. Thanks for all the kind words & thoughts.

•Oh & btw morphine is trash & dilauded kicks all kinds of ass.

•First time I’ve ever had to pull out of a fight for any reason. Won’t be making a habit of it.

•Also the first time I’ve had surgery. With the exception of my wisdom teeth. Never had stitches either so I guess I was due.

•Thanks @LiborioATT for coming to pick me up & hanging out with me at the hospital. Stand up guy right there.

•Had to do it. Thanks again @LiborioATT it’s nice to have company.

 •Oh & shout out to the voters of Colorado for sacking up & finally ending marijuana prohibition. Tax it & fix public schools.

•Looking good after the procedure !! This man was training with a ruptured appendix ! TUFF

High has been replaced by Charlie Brenneman.