Hioki hoping to inspire fellow Japanese fighters

Monday, October 31, 2011

Great expectations followed Hatsu Hioki  when the featherweight signed with the UFC. Little did fight fans know, the Japanese star is attempting to revitalize an entire nation’s future in mixed martial arts.

“Japanese MMA is not dead, it’s time to change,” Hioki claimed after his win over George Roop.”

“I think I will be really happy if all the Japanese people watching my fight were encouraged by my fight,” Hioki expressed at the post-event press conference. “Basically, the rules were different, but I believe there’s going to be a possibility that many Japanese fighters will be victorious in this event.”

“Whether you’re Japanese, Brazilian, Croatian or whatever, this is a tough place to fight. All the best fighters in the world fight here from all over the world. I wouldn’t point out one certain spot on the map and say, ‘Oh, these guys aren’t doing well.’”

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