How to keep your UFC job, by Dan Hardy

Friday, March 01, 2013

It was recently revealed that the UFC intends to cut 100 fighters from the roster, starting with an initial round of 16. Fighters with an uncompelling style have been released after a single los

By contract, Dan Hardy was not released after four consecutive losses (and is currently on a two-fight wn streak). In an interview with ProMMA Radio, Hardy offers his opinion.

“I know the UFC are getting rid of a bunch of guys,” said Hardy. “And I know that they are disappointed with the way that people are stepping into the Octagon. Maybe it’s just a shake-up, maybe they are just trying to show people that we are in the entertainment industry as well as a professional sport.

“When people pay a lot of money for a ticket they want to see a performance, and some people are coming to get a pay check and it’s kinda disappointing.”

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