Howard willing to fight for free in Boston for UFC return

Thursday, May 30, 2013

John ‘Doomsday’ Howard was released from the UFC in 2011 after going 4-3 inside the octagon. Howard has since gone 5-0 outside of the UFC’s octagon and is campaigning for a return to the big show: What is your position in the Boston MMA scene?

John Howard: I really don’t know, man. That question is kind of up in the air for me, too. I want to ask my Boston people that — what’s my position? I want to represent Boston. After the terrorist thing happened, Boston needs some hope. We need a comeback. We need greatness. I think right now I am that. I’m on five-fight win streak, I believe the UFC is coming to Boston August 17th and I should be, you know, the pioneer for Boston. I should represent for Boston. We do have some other Mass. fighters, but not Boston fighters. I’m Boston-raised, born and raised in Boston. There are other Mass. fighters who claim they are from Boston; they’re from Massachusetts, not from Boston. I’m from Boston. I live right here in Dorchester — a Boston city — and these other fighters who claim Boston don’t live in Boston, they live in Massachusetts, not Boston. There’s a big difference, man. Boston is the capital of New England. I live in the capital, so I believe I should represent the capital.

AABMMA: Does it feel like it’s your time — is everything aligning for John Howard right now?

JH: I think it’s my time, man. I just turned 30 not that long ago. I’ve just now hit my prime. It’s my time. It’s my time, man. This is how I feel, man: I’m ready to fight “GSP” right now. If Dana White called me today or a few hours from now — whatever — and told me to fight “GSP”, I would say I’m ready. I’m ready to fight whoever. I’ve got all of my losses and all of my situations in the past. My life is a little bit better now. I have a better understanding of what I am and I’m ready to fight. My goal one day is to be the UFC Boston champion. I want to bring the gold to Boston. That’s my goal in life right now. My first goal is to fight in Boston — that’s my dream — and my second goal is to bring that gold to Boston. Boston needs a UFC champion — they deserve it!

AABMMA: If Dana White is reading this, what’s your plea to get on this Boston card?

JH: Dana White, I know you watch me, man. I’m from Dorchester — I’m from Boston, brother. Help me out, man. Give me a second chance. I beg you to give me a second chance and I’ll prove to you that, not only do I belong there, but I can be that next welterweight champion. Bring me back, man — bring me back! This is how serious I am about this — you don’t need to pay me to fight! Don’t pay me — I’ll fight for free! I’ll fight for free just to fight in Boston for the UFC. “Doomsday” will fight for free just to fight in Boston, just to fight in front of his people. You can make it a one-fight deal — a one-fight deal — and let me go after that, but let me fight in Boston! Let me represent Boston. Let me be the spokesman for Boston.

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