Hume: Fedor would have driven that bus for us

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Commentator extrardinary Michael Schiavello recently reported that the Team Fedor put on a diva act New Years eve after DREAM 17, demanding his own bus, and making all the other fighters on the card cram onto a single bus. Turns out the whole thing was a language barrier misunderstanding, as explained below by trainer extraordinaire Matt “The Wizard” Hume, via his Youtube channel.

The lanaguage barrier internationally can provide a nearly endless source of gaffes, with Japan offering products labeled (in English) as “Coolpis” fruit juice, “Homo” soap, “Germ” bread, “Shito Mix” which claims to be a “new improved shito” and Matsushita’s new Internet browser with Woody Woodpecker as the licensed browser guide, which offered the slogan “Touch Woody – The Internet Pecker.”

English speaking marketing efforts overseas have proven to be equally unfortunate. Chevy for example intitially unsuccessfully marketed the Nova in Spaning-speaking countries (No va = won’t go). Waterpic’s Danish term Vanpic was not what most people want to put in their mouth first thing in the day, as it translates to morning wood.

The bottom line is this was a misunderstanding, and as Hume relates, Fedor would have been happy to drive the bus.

“There were a lot of languages going on that night: Russian to Japanese, Portuguese, English. So, I think something got lost in translation there,” Hume explained (Transcribed by LowKick). “But what really happened was that Fedor was in doing interviews and everyone was waiting on the two buses, and Fedor was to get on one of those buses and go back.

“So, both buses were waiting for him. Everybody else had finished their press, but of course, Fedor is very popular in Japan, he had not finished his press yet and they were still keeping him there. So, everybody was staying there waiting.

“So, Fedor asked if they could let the people go who wanted to get back to their hotel. Very graciously, Fedor said, ‘Hey, why don’t you let those guys go home.’ So, they did ask us to move onto one bus, which there was plenty of room on the one bus for everybody, and then one bus would stay and take Fedor back later.

“I’ve known Fedor for years and years and years, and he probably would have drove the bus back for us, he’s such a good, nice guy. The guy who reported it, Michael Schiavello, just heard a mistranslation. No problem there. Michael’s a really good guy, too.”