Hunt, Silva, and 1 Love

Saturday, December 07, 2013

We just witnessed one the best, toughest, most brutal fights in the history of the heavyweight division, or any weight.

In a testament to the extraordinary cameraderie in mixed martial arts, this is the before picture

And this is after…
mark richard hunt ‏@markhunt1974
Brothers in arms well done Bigfoot 1 love.

Dylan Andrews and Clint Hester showed simllar sentiments.

Silva, Hunt, and Andrews were among the eight fighters that skipped the post fight presser and instead headed to the hospital. Silva and Hunt’s visit was described as precautionary by UFC director of Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand operations Tom Wright. Andrews suffered an obviously dislocated shoulder from a punch that landed wrong. Anthony Perosh and Ryan Bader also made the trip, Bader for a broken hand (see below), and Perosh because he sustained a lot of punishment, some of it from that injured hand. The hospital crew was rounded out by Pat Barry, Caio Magalhaes, and Nick Ring.

There were fears for Pat Barry, who could be seen falling in the cage post fight .

However, Barry explained what happened on the UG.

“Y’all crazy!!!,” he posted. “I didn’t fall. I saw a gold tooth on the mat and went for it, but the janitor got there first, picked it up, bit it, then wiped up the blood!!!”

In the end the post fight press conference was attended by just three fighters – Soa Palelei, ‘Shogun’ Rua, and Justin Scoggins.

MMA and boxing come under fire from male grandmothers of all description, but they are the only sports where the athletes always embrace at the end. A Tennis or soccer match can end with a hard feelings and a icily proferred handshake. The reason for that is because Tennis and Soccer players don’t fight. Fighting is what people want to do, and when they don’t, there is often aggression left over.

Only in fighting is there nothing but love at the end. And this is not by accident, it is by the great design.

Sam Sheridan’s must-read book “A Fighter’s Heart” details why fighting and love are inseparable, drawing on work by Nobel Laureate Konrad Lorenz.

“(Lorenz) talks about geese and says that two furiously aggressive animals must bond and live together in a small space, all without weakening intra-species aggression. They have evolved inhibitors, behavior-changing devices, that turns the aggression they normally feel toward others of their species into something else when they mate.

“The same thing, although in a more complex way takes place among men and women of the same tribe or family, bound together for increased success against the outside world. Lorenz writes that friendship is found only in animals with “highly developed intra-species aggression,” and goes on to say that the more aggressive the animal, the deeper the friendship.

“The ability to love and form bonds has evolved as a way to temper aggression, to turn it into something more powerful when defending hearth and home. Friendship and love are essentially evolutionary by-products of aggression. Men and women who form these deep bonds – who evolved ways to mitigate interspecies aggression – have great success in passing along their genes.

“It is all about love.”

Dana White famously explained to the Oxford Debating Society (and everyone else) that fighting is in our DNA. But it is more than that. Fighting, along with fear, and procreation, are not just in there somewhere, they are the core of who and what we are as human beings. Love and friendship developed to make that aggression, that fighting, work for us. Without fighting in our DNA, humankind would not have developed the capacity for deep friendship, and above all, for love.

So when you see an epic fight like Saturday’s between Hunt and Bigfoot, and the pair show nothing but love afterwards, it is not puzzling. Fighting and love are parent and child. Seeing them together is as real as it gets.

That fight was not good for the long-term health of either fighter, but literally for better and for worse, that is what we were created to be – frightening, beautiful, insane, and glorious.