Ian McCall: Life is a little bit different when you’ve been dead

Monday, February 20, 2012

Zuffa recently added a 125 Bantamweight division, and a four-man tournament to crown the first champion:
Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall
Joseph Benavidez vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani

In an interview with CageSide Sports, McCall discusses how far he has come.

“I am my own worst enemy. I have a lot of demons and they’re still there. I still battle with them.

“But I’ve always had those values in the back of my head. Even though I’ve done horrible, horrible things to myself and other people, it’s not like I don’t feel bad.

“When I died I was sober for a while. I was doing good. And then I was getting getting tattooed. I was getting the heart tattooed on my chest saying Capulet and it’s the sacred heart from Romeo and Juliet on Tybalt’s chest. So I wanted that one. And I was like ‘yeah, ok it’s gonna hurt so I should so I should take something’. So I take a few oxycontin. And then I was getting anxiety so I’ll take a few xanax. And then smoke some weed and then I think I drank some GHB. And then I woke up like a day or two later in the hospital.

“There was no light. I didn’t see a light. No one spoke to me. I didn’t have some apparition or whatever. I just woke up like ‘why are there tubes in me? What’s going on?’ And my brother just told me and the doctor pointed his finger at me and said you screwed up.”

“You create your own destiny. What happens in your own life, 99% o the time, is your own fault, whether it’s good or bad. When you have been dead, being alive is a little bit different … I’m on borrowed time.”