Introducing the Underground iPhone App

Monday, November 02, 2009

Starting about a year ago, several UG members asked for an iPhone app. I said I would look into into development costs, and and when I did, I saw a big bag of money, on fire. Eventually we talked it through, had the thing built at a God awful expense, sent it off to Apple for approval, and today it debuted in their store! All iPhone users are invited, okay begged, to please check out

Please tell me below what you like and what you hate and what you want? This thing was built because someone from the Hawai’i Ground emailed me and said I should. Suggestions you make will determine the form of version 2.0.

The BlackBerry version is in the final stages (I think the graphics are being tweaked a little but that is it). Should be submitted next week for approval, which takes a week or two.

Android version is in the early stages of development.