Iole: Sonnen’s excuse is lame

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yesterday after it was announced that Chael Sonnen failed his random drug test, Sonnen and White appeared on UFC Tonight the situation. Sonnen claimed that the drugs he tested positive for were to help him wean off testosterone replacement therapy and help his fertility. Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole isn't buying it though:

Sonnen may try to argue that he took the drugs prior to being licensed, and that may be. But there is no gray area, as Sonnen said there is, in the rules. It is the burden of the licensed athlete to provide a clean test whenever tested by the commission, whether or not there is a fight.

Sonnen, though, was licensed AND was tested on May 23 shortly after his news conference at the MGM Grand Garden to announce the main card of UFC 175.

The rest of his comments were nothing more than red herrings that were used in an attempt to obfuscate the real issue.

Sonnen said he was taking the drugs as part of a course to wean himself off of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which the Nevada commission banned on Feb. 27. Sonnen had a Therapeutic Use Exemption to use TRT until the Feb. 27 ban. He also said because he suffers from hypogonadism, he is infertile and needed the drugs to help he and his wife conceive.

It's entirely understandable why Sonnen would want to be able to father a child with his wife. But if he planned to do that given his medical situation, he should have held off on applying for the license until qualified medical personnel told him he was clear.

He did not wait and made the laughable excuse that there was no way to find out the rules. Both Nevada's rules and WADA's rules are easily accessible online; further, the commission has repeatedly told athletes to call if they ever have any doubt whether a substance they want to take is legal according to its rules.

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