Is Joe Lauzon MMA’s biggest risk taker?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

For Joe, it’s always all or nothing. There is no middle ground for this man. He shows up, and he’s focused on one motto: finish or be finished. As a result, he hangs his cajones out there every single time he sets foot in the octagon

Outside of Anderson Silva, Joe Lauzon is the most thrilling fighter to watch on the UFC roster

If he gets the back, he’s going to do everything in his power to sink a fight-ending choke; errant arm, he’s searching for the armbar. Being mauled from the bottom? He’s tossing those legs up for a triangle. If he staggers you during a striking exchange, a hellacious barrage of strikes rides the wake

Joe Lauzon always—and I truly mean that—always takes huge risks. With 22 career victories under his belt, he’s never allowed a winning performance to go to the judges. If that’s not a statistic indicative of a risk taker, then I just don’t know what is.

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10. Jon Jones

9. Chan Sung Jung

8. Shinya Aoki

7. Vitor Belfort

6. Nate Diaz

5. Carlos Condit

4. Mauricio Rua

3. Anderson Silva

2. Pat Barry

Do you agree with the list? If Joe Lauzon isn’t number one, who should be? Who’s missing from the list that should be there? Who’s on the list that shouldn’t be?