Is Justin Bieber buying Headrush?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Canadian MMA apparel company Headrush is a success story in an ultra competitve space. With success comes headaches – ask UFC President Dana White who famously explains “every day when I wake up in the morning, the only thing I am sure of is that bad s— is going to happen.”

Headrush had a rash of that in August when Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” sued them in circuit court in Florida over alleged non delivery of a $100,000 motorcycle and appearance fees.

Now comes word, a rumor really, that Canadian singer-songwriter, musician and actor Justin Bieber is buying Headrush.

Bieber has been transparently using fighting to shift his image from harmless teen idol to something a little more, well, rock and roll.

Why has Bieber been hanging out at UFC events lately? Now the rumour mill is spinning. Sources say that Justin Bieber is becoming an official player in the MMA industry by signing papers to buy out Headrush. What does this mean for the image of Headrush? Will the company lose credibility with fans and fighters; and how will fans receive the Pop Star as a player in the MMA world? Moving from a target market of teenyboppers to a predominantly male base target market aged between 18-35 years old might be a tough transition. Maybe if you had the money that Bieber does you can buy the consumers.

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While at first glance the idea seems a little suspect, in reality Justin Bieber is a 19 year old Canadian guy. It would be a little unnatural if he didn’t care at all about fighting. Further, his father was an amateur Muay Thai competitor, still trains, has mutual friends with the owners of Headrush, and wears the clothing.

Images from a recent Bieber MMA-themed photoshoot.

What do you beliebe? Have you developed a more admiring appreciation for the new, now edgy Biebernator?