Is NASCAR pioneer Christmas Abbott Tank’s daughter?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Many fans believe top CrossFit competitor Christmas Abbott is the daughter of legendary UFC brawler David “Tank” Abbott.

Tank listed his style of martial arts as Pit Fighting, and Christmas will be fighting to move NASCAR racing cars through the pit as quickly as humanly possible. Christmas was signed by Michael Waltrip’s NASCAR racing team as a full-time member of its pit crew, thus becoming the first woman to labor in the NASCAR pits at their highest level.

Further, Tank famously benched 600 pounds on an early profile. Christmas has some of the same mean jeans. She has quatted up to 255 pounds and clean and jerked 170 pounds, at a bodyweight of 115 pounds.  

And they both have tattoos!

However, there are some startling differences with the two, perhaps most notably their bellies. Christmas has a six pack, while Tank is a middleweight – a lot of his weight is around his middle.

And then there is Christmas herself addressing the issue directly, via Facebook.

“I am not Tank Abbott's daughter,” said Abbott definitively, adding, “my pop's name is Ed.”

With paternity established, there is no reason any MMA fan needs to scroll down to check out Christmas in her birthday suit.