Is TRT unjust, or worse, to Michael Bisping?

Friday, February 08, 2013

What do these three Michael Bisping fights have in common?
Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort • Loss • UFC on FX: Bisping vs. Belfort • KO at 1:37 of Round 2 • Michael Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen • Loss • UFC on FOX 2: Evans vs. Davis • Decision Unanimous Decision.  
Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson • Loss • UFC 100 • Loss • KO at 3:20 of Round 2.     

Hint: “At some point, as you start getting older, your balls don’t work as well and you don’t make as much testosterone. But, that’s life and you deal with it.”
-Michael Bisping

Against the backdrop of yesterday’s news, one had to wonder how Michael Bisping felt. For all his shortcomings, the brash Brit has emerged as one of the loudest and harshest critics against the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in mixed martial arts.

The narrative on Bisping is a common refrain by now. ‘Can’t win the big one.’ And it’s true, “The Count” is perhaps the most renown fighter employed by the UFC to never earn a shot at gold. Now, with a window of opportunity gradually closing as he approaches his mid-30s, Bisping’s recent TKO loss could be the nail in the proverbial coffin of that legacy.

But look back at the three instances when he was one fight away, and one can’t help but notice a disconcerting pattern. Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen, both admitted TRT users. And now we can add Vitor Belfort to that list.

The stark truth of the matter is Bisping was rendered half-unconscious by a man enhancing his natural abilities through unnatural means, with direct permission from the overseers of an innately dangerous sport.

The Brit has yet to comment on the subject, though if and when he does, it will likely be perceived as whining, which seems rather unfair.

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