Is Tor Troeng the TUF Beast?

Friday, January 04, 2013

UFC president Dana White cryptically hinted at a potential new star on the coming season of the UFC’s long-running reality show, telling outlets like ESPN that this man sent four men to the hospital when he fought them.

Swedish fighter Tor “The Hammer” Troeng has spent much of his fighting career in Europe, and prior to trying out for TUF, has never competed on American soil.

According to a recent interview with Swedish website, Troeng is indeed a competitor on the show. Swedish website MMAnytt has also confirmed that Troeng appears in the latest trailer for the show.

So is The Hammer The Beast?
•Troeng is definitely a competitor on the show.
•Troeng is a solid fighter and currently boasts a gaudy 11-1-1 stretch dating back over the last four years.
•Troeng is an extremely violent fighter.

A fighter like that seems to fit the bill of someone who would instill fear in his competitors.

Maybe European sledgehammer Tor Troeng really is this mystery fighter—but even if he isn’t, just who the hell is the guy that eventually beat him?

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