It is official, they are Foobs

Monday, November 14, 2011

There was a time when the UG was the sole home to MMA’s true fans, both of them. As the now defunct Ultimate Athlete magazine put it “If not for the Underground forum … the sport might have died as PPV buy rates had sunk to such abysmal levels.”

Then the Fertitta brothers and Dana White bought the UFC from SEG. They brought in professional marketers, and created prefessional media, and put it in Maxim mag. We were stunned.

Things eventually ticked up, but we were all one.

Then came the most important fight in the sport’s history, 2005’s Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin, and the UG received an influx of TUF Noobs, for half a decade. Then the 10ers were gonna 10, and the 11ers were too, but that doesn’t sound quite the same.

Now, with the UFC airing on network television for the first time, a new breed of fan will wander into the UG, fueled by UFC on FOX. This group has now been officially dubbed, by the King of Rock n Rumble himself, Elvis Sinosic.


From: Elvis
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It is the time of the Fox Noobs… I had my serving girl at the local takeaway ask me today if I watched Cain vs Dos Santos. I thought that was cool, even though she couldn’t quite remember their names and wanted Junior to win…

Don’t be upset with the new fans, show compassion that they didn’t get the sport for so long.

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