Items purportedly in Silva ‘Cribs’ background not as implied

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Threads from multimple screen names appeared on several message boards including the UG insinuating that footage from a recent television profile of Anderson Silva’s home showed what appeared to be incriminating imagery.

Does Anderson Silva use a diuretic? Are thy banned

From: bmd
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Here is a picture:

That is a picture of Silva in his closet with a bottle of Taraxatone clearly visible. Taraxatone is a diuretic.

Didn’t Thiago Alves get suspended for testing positive for a diuretic?

**Anderson Silva’s Closet, SyringeGate!!!**

From: Nomak
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This is a screenshot from the youtube video of Anderson Silva giving a tour around his house for UFC Cribs.

He is in his closet when I noticed he has something in there which is really ‘suspicious’

Those are pen tip syringes used for Insulin or HGH delivery devices.

The syringe tips can be used for these HGH delivery devices.

Norditropin NordiFlex®
Like all growth hormones, Norditropin® is taken by injection, the same as when your doctor gives you a shot. Some growth hormones need you to mix the growth hormone before you can inject it. Norditropin® is available in Norditropin NordiFlex®, a prefilled, multi-dose, disposable delivery pen. In other words, the growth hormone is already in the pen, you don’t have to mix it yourself, and you don’t have to worry about syringes.

Is Anderson or a relative of his diabetic? or is he taking Insulin for more sinister reasons? Could he be using the syringe tips for HGH pen devices?

Lots of questions…. Where are you now Ed Soares?

The shit has hit the fan!

You heard it first from me.


We Need Answers.

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Question Anderson Silva uses Testosterone Booster? Is it legal?

I was in the thread where Anderson Silva shows you around his house. I noticed when they were in the kitchen that he had some supplements. I recognized a few… MHP Dark Rage, BSN Syntha 6, and the one that caught my eye was “MHP T-Bomb II”. It is the small dark blue bottle next to the Dark Rage bottle. T-Bomb II is a testosterone booster. Are those legal?

Here is what it looks like:

Here is a screen cap from the video:

While the purpose behind the campaign is unclear, it must be stated that:
Taraxatone is a legal diuretic.
The pens in the image are for diabetics and not as implied for HGH.
T-Bomb II is a legal supplement with multiple alleged effects.

What exactly the threads are intended to accomplish is another question.