JDS: Fight with Overeem would be unfair to me

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cigano goes further. Rate a fake champion who it relies on doping. Calls for more rigorous supervision of athletes. More surprises as did tests on him and Overeem weeks ago. What Cigano said:

If the athletic commission and the UFC want I’ll fight him. I am a fighter and will be there to fight, but it is sure to be a disrespect to MMA and how serious is this sport. This will also be unfair, it will be unfair to me. I’ve never used these devices to gain strength. I think the right would do blood tests on fighters as is done in the Olympics, not the urine, since the blood is easier to detect these illegal substances. We want to know who the best really. No use to be the best liar. Being a world champion making false use of a lot of drugs, that’s not being champion. I can clearly say that I am the champion without ever having the use of any illegal artifice in order to get there. I favor more rigorous tests to assess whether someone is doped. It has to be a clean sport and these tests should occur more surprises. If Overeem is more aggressive and stronger the more he will resist blows and it will be difficult for me. If I lose will be unfair. He will not have fought better than I have fought doped.

Ledo who mistakenly think Overeem Cigano considers the greatest threat to the throne of champion. In his view, the former champion Cain Velasquez is still the most dangerous challenge between heavy. Cigano also casts doubt on the glorious past of Overeem carrying three belts in the luggage. Over his words:

I find it curious he won three belts without ever having been caught doping in right away and ends up being caught in the UFC. It would be a good challenge for me, but my biggest challenge I went for the title against Cain. He is the most outstanding and would be a great challenge for me. The Overeem would be a good challenge, but it would be my biggest challenge. He fails the fitness and speed. He frightens the uninitiated, but who knows what being a fighter knows he would not be my most difficult opponent. We always say that the next challenge will be more difficult to prepare even more, but do not think Overeem would be my biggest challenge.

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