JDS: Title shot match making ‘kind of out of order’

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The recently UFC announced a couple of championship bouts with challengers that were not immediately apparent as the #1 contender. First, Alistair Overeem gets a shot at the Heaavyweight belt when the Dutchman returns from a year long suspension for PED use. And then Chael Sonnen, coming off a loss to middleweight champion Anderson Silva, got a shot at light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In an interview with Brazilian radio station Beat 98, the ordinarily ever positive JDS offered criticism.

“It’s kind of out of order,” said JDS. “Nowadays, the UFC is prioritizing those fights which will sell well. A prime example of this was Chael Sonnen, who sold his fight very well. Overeem has followed the same path.”

“But, for me, bring it on. I do not run from any challenge, I know I can beat anyone whatsoever. Come whoever comes, I will do my best to go out with a win in the Octagon.”

Dos Santos’ fights Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 on December 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although JDS crushed Velasquez quickly in the the UFC debut on FOX, Cain came back with a bloody beating of Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva at UFC 146.

“This time, as Cain himself said he wants the fight to be longer,” said Dos Santos. “t least the fight will happen. He is an excellent wrestler and I believe he will want to take it to the floor. He will try to do to me what he did with Silva.”

“But I’m not afraid, I am 100% ready to defend the belt. A fight is a fight, you never know how it will be, maybe it will go faster than last time.”