JDS has little recall of fight, thought he lost in the 2nd

Monday, October 21, 2013

Junior dos Santos had an interview with Combate, an arm of Brazilian media giant OGlobo, and discussed his state following the loss to UFC heavyweight champion Saturday night at UFC 166.

After letting his chance to regain the heavyweight belt slip away, the Brazilian had to be referred to a hospital in Houston, USA, due to the harsh punishment meted out by the American during the five rounds of the fight. According to his camp, dos Santos did not remember much of the fight , and thought he had been knocked out in the second round, when in reality the TKO came in the fifth round. The fighter also did not remember having talked with host Joe Rogan after the fight, and accoring to his coner, did much of the fight on auto pilot.

“I’m feeling good,” dos Santos told Combat. “The pain is only in the heart, for failing to have a good performance in the Octagon. Now the order of business is to go back to the gym and train harder, dedicate myself to come back stronger than ever, and perhaps one day return to fight for the belt and, God willing, be able to honor the support of all who believe in me.”

According to his camp, dos Santos was initially treated at the Toyota Center by a physician retained by theTexas  Athletic Commission, who asked that he be taken to the hospital for a CT scan of his head. The goal would be to check if there was any serious damage in the region, such as a fracture, or craniofacial or intracranial bleeding, which were not detected.

Despite being some swelling of his face, the fighter was in good spirits, joking with nurses and doctors at the hospital, and was released later in the early hours of Sunday morning. He received stitches in the right eye and left ear.

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