JDS still with Nogueira Bros, but training at Nova Uniao

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Known as JDS in the United States, Junior dos Santos sometimes lives up to his Brazilian nickname – 'Cigano' or as translated into English, Gypsy.

In 2011 JDS left Black House, which has served as both his management and fight team. Management duties were taken over by his wife. In 2012 the pair divorced, although she remained as his manager. Training was taken over by the Nogueira Brothers.

Earlier this week Guga Noblat from the Brazilian media giant OGlobo reported that JDS may have moved from Nog Bros to the surging Nova Uniao, under the direction of Andre Pederneiras. According to Noblat there are some hurt feelings.

Everyone knows that Junior dos Santo was made by Rodrigo Minotauro and Rogerio Nogueira. The most famous MMA twins gave the boxer shelter, food, and laundry for and one day was heavyweight champion. What almost no one knows is that the relationship between them shaky.

Since last week, JDS has been in Rio de Janeiro, and so far is not showing up to training at Team Nogueira. Instead, JDS has trained at Nova Uniao, a rival team. Minotauro is not a bit happy with the attitude of his former student and has called JDS “vain.” He feels betrayed by his friend, who vowed never to face his teacher in an MMA fight.

Coach Luiz Dorea is trying to put out the fire that threatens to consume the relationship between Minotauro and JDS. Since last week, the coach has said he has dos Santos training at  both the Nova Uniao academie and Team Nogueira, and then plans to go on to more training in the United States. Howeverer, yesterday at Team Nog, Erick Silva, Rafael Feijao, and Minotauro Nogueira who is preparing to face Roy Nelson were at the gym, and again there was no JDS.

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The article was mistranslated by many MMA sites as saying JDS had switched teams, when the article referenced only friction.

JDS posted an image to Instagram that should quiet the talk.

In an extended interview with Brazil's SporTV, dos Santos explained, via Google translate.

The former heavyweight champion of the UFC  moved to Rio de Janeiro in January, and has been training with the Nova União team led by André Pederneiras.

In an exclusive interview with SporTV, Junior dos Santos explained that the training at Nova Uniao is part of a new mentality. The idea is to go in search of evolution, whether in training academies where he usually attend, or in other high-level academies in Brazil and internationally.

“Today the sport is advancing very quickly,” said dos Santos. “People are using several different training methods to surprise in fights. I want to learn these methods.”

“Things were too slow. I was not feeling very well about my development as a professional fighter. So I decided to come to Rio And of course we know that coach 'Dede' Pederneiras is one of the greatest; it is no wonder that every year is a candidate for the title of best MMA coach in the world. He's a guy who I think has a lot to add to my game, not only in terms of strategy, but by being a really knowledgeable guy. I see the coaching he gives to Jose Aldo, to Renan Baraom and to the other guys when they are struggling, and I like it a lot. I talked with my coach Luiz Dorea and said I thought it was time to test myself in Rio. I came, I spoke with Dede Pederneiras; he treated me very well. His entire team treated me well.

I arrived in Rio not long ago and I'm still organizing, looking for somewhere to live.

I'm very glad they accepted me, not only coach Dede, but all the team staff . Today I can train and evolve with them here.”

“I have immense respect for Minotauro  Nogueira, and for Team Nogueira. I'm Team Nogueira. Professor André Pederneiras knows it, everyone knows it. I'm Team Nogueira.”

“Today I'm training in Nova Uniao. I learned from Minotauro himself to always seek to progress, to learn more about others, and that is what I am doing. I think for my game need a different workout, learning differently for me to evolve, and I came to get it here. Of course, I'm Team Nogueira and will always continue training with Minotauro Nogueira, regardless of who else is part of the team and coaching me.”

“Today the sport is advancing very quickly. People are using several different training methods to surprise in fights. These methods I want to learn. I guess I wanted a little break, want to learn new things, change my game a bit. I trust much in my boxing, but I also trust my jiu-jitsu, I rely on my wrestling, muay thai and my want to be a complete fighter, that is what I am seeking. I think the relationship with everyone was always very good and I hope it continues.I get along with everyone and I hope everyone understands this way.”

Read entire article… (original Portuguese)