JLau: I couldn’t be happier with UFC pay structure

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The issue of fighter compensation is a hot topic, with a number of fighters including Jon Fitch, John Cholish, Jacob Volkmann, and Tim Kennedy vocally advocating for higher pay.

UFC management has argued back that fighter compensation is determined by how much fans want to see a fighter, and that fans are not paying an average of $250 in an arena or $50 on a pay per view in order to watch say Jacob Volkmann.

The 22-8 Joe Lauzon has never fought for the title, and has a relatively modest contract with the organization, but in a a recent interview with Boston’s 1460 AM Sports Radi, he said he couldn’t be happier with the organization’s compensation structure. A lot of that presumably has to do with the 12 ‘of the Night’ performance bonuses he has earned, tied with Anderson Silva for the record.

“We’re paid fighters, so getting in to the UFC doesn’t mean you’re gonna have this cushy job,” said Lauzon. “You get paid based on how your performance goes. I’ve been very fortunate where I have had some great fights and I’ve been rewarded with some bonuses. I couldn’t be happier with the pay structure. It all comes down to people wanting to see you fight.”

Lauzon will be looking to add one more bonus when he fights Michael Johnson at UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen, on August 17th in Boston.

Where do you fall on the compensation issue? There appears to be four separate groups of people involved. Management, prelim fighters, top fighters, and non-fighter ZUFFA employees.

No one seems to care how say a video editor at ZUFFA headquarters is being compensated, which leaves three – top fighters, other fighters, management.

There is a finite amount of money – ticket prices are set by what the market will bear, not by costs. Thus, if one of those three groups gets more, it is going to come from one of the other two, or from both. Do you think things are reasonable as they are, or would you like to see someone get more.

And if someone gets more, who pays for it?

Or would you like to pay for it, via increased ticket or PPV prices?