Jacare retires from BJJ & Grappling

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ronaldo Jacare was the only fighter in history to win titles on the open class of the Mundia;s, ADCC and MMA. Now, his career has only one direction. Minutes after being defeated by Braulio Estima in ADCC’s super fight, which happened in Nottingham, England, Jacare talked to TATAME and announced he will no longer fight Jiu-Jitsu or Submission.

Eduardo Ferreira: The last time you fought Grappling was in 2009, when you beat Drysdale up and earn the right to fight Bráulio this year. How was it for you, that is more focused in MMA now?

Jacare Souza: I wasn’t 100%, so I let him play the game. I knew it’d be a really tough fight in advance, so my game plan was to leave him with all responsibility because he’s fighting for a long time, he got the best timing for Submission… He really was the favorite. I did a tough bout, prevented him from taking me down many times, I just don’t know why the judges didn’t give me a point. On the back he was quicker, but you can’t argue in Abu Dhabi… It’s crazy.

EF: You talked much before the fight, claiming you had defeated him five times. Was it to promote the fight or were you trying to give him all responsibility?

JS: I wasn’t 100% on the fight, so I thought all responsibility on his hands. Of course that if you see me fighting, check my record, see where I came from, a five-round bout, where there was much striking, naturally I wouldn’t be 100%.

EF: What are the plans now?

JS: I’m thinking about the next one. I want rematch Rockhold and that’s it. I’m a guy focused in MMA now.

EF: And if you get invited for a matched up fight in Jiu-Jitsu or Submission… Are you willing to take it?

JS: I won’t do it anymore. I’m retired. It was my last one.

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