Jackson: Success breeds criticism

Monday, January 07, 2013

“Of course, I want to do better, but I don’t go back to every single little fight continuously and say, ‘We did this here, and we didn’t do this,'” Jackson told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). “It’s more of an overall sense of it.”

“I want to do better when we have stellar years,” he said. “There’s never a year when it’s like, ‘Man, we nailed it.’ Because I would be bored if we did.”

Jackson notes that because his fighters are competing at a higher level – dozens of them have fought or currently fight in the UFC – they’re also fighting tougher competition, and that means more potential for decisions.

Still, he said he’s always trying to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t when his students fight.

“You constantly have to be aware of, ‘Are we going through a slump? What do we need to do to reinvigorate ourselves? Are we getting too cocky? Are we getting complacent?'” he said. “It’s a constant process, and it takes place almost every month.”

“I think it’s been popular (to bash Jackson-Winkeljohn) for the past five years, and I think that comes with success,” he said. “I think if you have a lot of success, there are going to be people that don’t like what you do.

“People don’t have to agree with my decisions either, but they are not in my position. They don’t have to deal with things I deal with. They can disagree with what I say, but I believe in our team.

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