Jacob Volkmann released by UFC

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jacob Volkmann @JacobVolkmann
Was just cut from the UFC today. I want to thank the fans, and say i gave it my all. No regrets.

Jacob Volkmann won nine straight fights, and entered the UFC undefeated. Then he lost his first two fights in the Octagon, but the organization retained him, and for good reason – he won the next five fights. Bad news was, they were all by decision, two split, and the average fan did not find his style compelling.

In 2012 he lost to Paul Sass and scored an early submission win over Shane Roller. Last Saturday he lost via submission to Bobby Green.

And now he is gone.

There is no mathematical formula for how many consecutive losses leads to a cut. Dan Hardy won five in a row, but then lost four in a year, and was not cut. The decision to retain his services proved to be a sound one, as “The Outlaw” has since won two straight.

Fighters have been cut after a single loss.

Antonio McKee toiled in the trenches for 12 years, including winning 15 straight fights, when he was signed by the UFC. After a single split decision loss, ironically to Volkmann, he was released.

The difference between McKee and Hardy, and between Volkmann and Hardy, is that the average fan finds Dan Hardy exciting, and McKee or Volkman, not nearly as much.

Volmann was perhaps further encumbered by a public face that was so given to gaffes that the Secret Service paid him a visit (he said he was upset with President Obama, and wanted to fight him).

Mixed martial arts is a sport, but it is also a business, the asses in seats business.

If you have a great record, the UFC is obliged to give you a contract. And if you keep winning, they are obliged to keep giving you shots. But if you are not exciting and you don’t win, even once, there is a long line of hopefuls behind you, with solid records and the desire to make the crowd roar, and they will be eating your lunch.