Jacon Volkmann: I never said Obama needed a glassectomy

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jacob Volkmann was widely quoted as saying to Joe Rogan immediately post fight at UFC 141 “Obama needs a glassectomy. Ask me what a glassectomy is, Joe.”

This was the second time he had made unfortunate remarks about the President. The first time he said “someone needs to knock some sense into that idiot.”

That earned him a visit from the Secret Service temporary placement on administrative leave by the High School where he works part time as a wrestling coach.

This time the Secret Service had better things to do, but Volkmann was again suspended. This time Volkmann says he is innocent.

“I wish the school board had gotten their facts right before they had a meeting with me,” the UFC lightweight today told MMAjunkie.com.

“The school board, they’re trying to please everybody, which you can never do,. There’s always going to be someone complaining. Someone complained, so they have to take that into account. But the fact is they got their information wrong. That’s what bothers me.”

“If you’re on a prelim fight, nobody really cares about the prelim fights. So you’ve got to make a name for yourself, and I’m just trying to get my name out there so they actually put me on the main card or on TV. That’s where you actually start making strides in this game.”

“You can take it as you want, but I never said he needed a glassectomy.”

“It’s you say it or you don’t, and I never did say it. And I’m sick of the reporters twisting the story around, like FOX 9 (in Minnesota). They turned the story around just to make it a little more exciting. That’s kind of crap.”

“It’s kind of like beating a dead horse; the whole subject is done. I just hope someone else gets elected.”

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