James ‘Colossus’ Thompson: I will NEVER tap in a fight again

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Thank you Enson Inoue

From: Mega Colossus
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I was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast a little while ago, and his guest was Enson Inoue. They were talking about tapping, something Enson never did.

Now I thought if you are caught in something there’s no shame in tapping – you tap, you lose, you learn, you fight another day (I still think if your caught there’s no shame in tapping).

Not tapping, once you’ve properly been caught, going to sleep or having your arm/leg broken just seemed like macho bullshit to me, but after listening to Enson, he surprisingly changed my mind.

I think this mindset gives you a massive advantage. It might get you broken bones, put you out of training a lot longer with injuries, but they’ll heal, and I’m sure this stronger mind set will get me a lot more victories.

So I’m writing this now in public not to appear tough but as a way to help me change my mentally. Thanks Enson just though listening  to you, I believe I’ve become a better fighter.


Inoue’s reply:

From: Enson Yamato Inoue
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My way isn’t for most, in fact I don’t recommend it to most fighters.  If you hear my deep meaning then you will understand.  I you hear just the surface you’ll think I’m stupid.  It’s a mind set you go into a fight with.  A mind set that needs to be trained and set not in the ring during the fight, but in the 100s of hours you spend dripping blood and sweat preparing for battle. 

This mind set sets your thoughts and choices instictivly. 



I think you see my deep meaning on why I think and fight the way I do and I know you understand that it is so much more than being tough.  I’ve seen your fights and loved every one of them.  Your “Kill or be Killed” stlye gives me goose bumps!!!  Just remember that the spiritual growth and strength in your heart that you build through fighting is something you can apply to you life after fighting.  Defending your loved ones, standing strong to our values, doing what is right no matter what the consequences are, etc.  just to name a few.

Anticipate sucess and never let the fear of failure overcome you.  Remember Walt Disney went bankrupt 3 time before creating Disneyland.

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