Jared Hamman: Injury was like tearing skin off a chicken

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jared Hamman recently spoke with MMAJunkie ahead of his fight Saturday with Swede Magnus Cedenblad on the Facebook prelim card at UFC 164. In it, Hamman recounts the knee injury he suffered fighting Michael Kuiper at UFC 150 in August of 2012.

“Have you ever pulled skin off chicken?” asked Hamman. “You know how you pull it off, and then at the end you kind of have to tear it? That popping action, I felt that three times, all at the same time, basically – pop, pop, pop.”

“Most people think it happened when he low-kicked me, but it happened when he got double underhooks and then picked me up to throw me over and take me down. I stuck my leg out, and normally I would pull my leg under me, but my foot got caught on the mat, and I didn’t have time to do that.

“It felt like when you pull the meat off chicken. It pulled all three of the ligaments off the bone, and they sunk down in my leg.”

Hamman was treated successfully at Denver’s Steadman Hawkins Clinic. 2-4 in the UFC and coming off a two fight losing streak, Hamman knows he is facing a likely release should he lose. But he has a plan.

“Vladimir Matysuhenko is my buddy, and he kept on telling me, ‘Fight with a hot heart and a cold head,'” said Hamman. “I feel like I’m finally starting to understand that – still being really aggressive, but at the same time using my brain about it.

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