Jason Reinhardt reveals how TRT kept him off TUF 5

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TRT is what kicked me off TUF 5.

From: Jason Reinhardt
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Being open and honest on applications and just in general is how i try and live my life. I made it on TUF 5. I would have been on the show. I went through the whole process and was chosen. After my neck surgery from the break, the doctor placed me on TRT and HGH to help the healing process. I was open and honest about everything. The UFC told me no problem, because it was for medical purposes. To save my career! Which i believed it helped greatly.

Well, it wasn’t the UFC’s fault at all. After making it on the show, bags packed and all to begin the filming i received one of the most dissapointing calls of my life. UFC called and the Spike TV producers called to tell me because the doctors placed me on TRT and a little bit of HGH, the Nevada Athletic commission said no, they wouldn’t let me on the show. I was shocked, because during this whole process i revealed everything and was 110% honest.

The doctors placed me on such small amounts and i was a 135 pound fighter, willing and exciting to compete at 155 on TUF 5. I don’t think me being placed on a 1cc a week of TRT and 2 iu’s a day on HGH would have given me this superhuman advantage. It just sucked, because i spent most of my savings to pay out of pocket for my neck surgery, because the scumbag promoter i faught for didn’t pay his fighter insurance. I spent basically my whole life savings on neck surgery and medicine the doctors highly recommended. Now, i see where TRT is accepted. After my experience i was nervous to take it again. That’s why i’ve always passed all my UFC drug tests.

I sure wish i could have another chance someday. I am made for reality TV. I was looking forward in telling the world about me giving my parents the crabs. Yes, those little fuckers got in the laundry. LOL

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