Jean Claude Van Damme to fight muay thai in Vegas?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Somluck Kamsing to fight Jean-Claude Van Damme next year. Thai Olympic gold medalist boxer Somluck Kamsing has confirmed the rumor that he will fight martial artist star Jean-Claude Van Damme in a muaythai match in March next year.

Somluck, the first …Thai gold medalist who won the featherweight boxing event at the Atlanta Games in 1996, has confirmed the earlier report that he has signed a contract.Read More

signed a contract on September 4 to fight in a match against the Belgium-born Van Damme, who is best known for his roles in Hollywood action movies.

Somluck said the match, consisting of five two-minute rounds, will be held in Las Vegas, in March 2010 using muaythai rules, although elbow will be barred. He said he would be paid US$150,000 plus US$25,000 as training fee as well as a 2% share from broadcast revenue.

“I never thought about this possibility at all, but all the sudden Van Damme’s team called me, saying they tracked me down from a hotel employee who knew me. They want me to fight with muaythai style, except the elbows because they don’t want his face to get bruised, because he is an actor,” said Somluck….

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