Jeff Curran withdrew from RFA8 title fight after dog injured

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Countless fighter have pulled out of fights due to injury, but Jeff Curran cited a unique injury when he pulled out of the main event, title fight vs Sergio Pettis at Friday’s Resurrection Fighting Alliance 8. The injury was to Curran’s dog.

Curran explains, via Twitter:

Jeff Curran ‏@BigFrogBJJ
•My belt arrived today! i am scheduled to pick it up June 21st @RFAfighting

•First break in the action to let every know i will explain soon but i had no choice to pull out of @RFAfighting . Family first, sorry guys
*And pay attention people, i have already made 125lbs. 5 weeks ago only. Sorry for my fans and friends who support me. This will all pass.
•Yes, my dog was and is not in a stable spot since an accident sun night. This was the beginning of my trouble. I will tell story soon!
•i have a 4 and 6 yr old boy who want their dog to live. i was the one to insure that to happen and not leave my wife w the burden i dont need to share w anyone but i will cuz i am a pro. i could have made injury excuse x’s 10. but told truth. dont like it, f-off!
•I know people who lie and cheat to get out of fights. i am a 16 yr pro and one of the pioneers of this sport. its consumed my life and for one inopportune moment my sacrifice was a no brainer for my family once. I wish sergio pettis all the best! I will be back soon!
•If u think i make excuse not to fight then u dont know me or respect me and never will. So i can give a f— about your s— ass comments!
•Thanks to all my real supporters and friends who understand my position. God bless!!!
•For those who were wondering, mine and @BabyBoys0708 dog is doing good. life is gettin back to normal

•Good luck @RFAfighting on tonights show on @AXSTVFights Sorry again for the let down. Hope to make it up
•The only people that deserve explanation of my reasons to pull from this fight was @RFAfighting and my team/family. None of anyones Biz!
•CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE! can u read morons. go dig a hole and live in it.
•To make one last comment all i can say is i love @BabyBoys0708 & my kids & will do anything to protect them!
•hey everyone, thanks for the support. if the story could fit on twitter i would share. I hope to get it out on media soon. Thanks 4 the love

Curran’s beloved dog was reportedly hit by a car, and nearly killed. The faithful companion is healing up.