Jeff Monson – with and without the ink

Friday, August 16, 2013

Here is Jeff Monson without tattoos:

Here’s another shot. Yah, that is Chael Sonnen:

And here is Jeff as you know him now, along with an explanation of what it all means.



The website sptattoos broke down Jeff Monson’s remarkably distinclty tattoos.

1.Flag of anarchy
2 .Motto”Kill Enemy”
3. Capitalism
4. Kimurawear – sponsor
5. Woman kill capitalism
6. Symbol ”Industrial Workers of the World”
7. Another symbol ”Industrial Workers of the World”
8. Symbol ”anarchy”
9. Cartoon favorite girl
10.  Japanese symbol – < power> and
11.”On The Mat” sponsor
12. Autograph footprint Jeff Monson
13. Japanese ieroglif  – names of his children Joshua and Mikaela
14. Biblical scene” Jacob” symbol of invincible spirit
15. Star – symbol of communism
16. Slogan of freedom and solidarity
17. Snowman
18. Fairy
19. beautiful black star symbol anarcho – communist
20. Dead Girl
21. Skull.
22. Slogan” No Masters ”
23. ”Solidarity”